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IT Change at the Probate Service

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The probate service is not used to such publicity! As well as the fiasco over the proposed fee increase Probate Registries across the country are, I understand, transferring to a new computer system to enable them to monitor and process applications, and to cope with the recently introduced digital online applications. There is likely to be a delay in dealing with probate applications while the new process beds down. Adding to the pressure is the surge in applications resulting from executors and administrators (and their professional advisers) trying to beat the fee increase. As I pointed out in a previous blog that fee increase, in any event, will not now take place on 1st April.

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Irish Passports and Irish Probates

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I have not been that surprised by the number of clients, friends and other contacts who have been trying to get themselves Irish passports. It is a practical action in this Brexit saga where nothing seems to make sense. A rumour spread throughout our family that a grandfather, who died long before the birth of me and my siblings, had come from Ireland but research concluded that, in fact, he came from Norfolk! Of course, it is not uncommon for an English estate to have an Irish element. The executors or administrators will need an Irish grant when a substantial Irish asset forms part of the estate – for example, a bank account containing more than 25,000 Euros. An Irish grant will also be needed when there is land or property or shares in Irish registered companies. In all but the most straightforward of cases, an Irish solicitor will need to be appointed to obtain the necessary grant.

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5 Steps on What to Do When a Loved One Passes Away

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When a loved one passes away the last thing that will be on your mind is the prospect of having to deal with their financial affairs as well as the daunting task of having to ensure that their personal affairs are also dealt with swiftly. 

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DWP Claims on Estate

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Disputes over the division of estates post death are not uncommon. However, executors are now also facing another issue when it comes to the Department for Work and Pensions or DWP as they are most commonly referred to.

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Howlett Clarke Solicitors (also known as Quality Solicitors Howlett Clarke) are Closing Their Practice

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No doubt the firm is in the middle of many probate cases. If you are an affected executor or administrator, please call us. We can offer you a free review of the current status of your probate and, if you agree, we can take on the case and complete the administration at an agreed fee.

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