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Who gets the stethoscope when you die?

who gets the stethoscope when you die

I think it’s fair to say most families do pull together when a loved one dies but it’s interesting to hear the viewpoint of another probate lawyer (this time in Canada):

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Consultation on changing inheritance laws

The Channel Islands hold a unique place in Europe’s geography and history. Closer to France than England, they are a part of the UK but, like Scotland, have a different legal system to England and Wales.

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Can't find a will?

There are many complications which can arise for an executor dealing with an estate, both legal and practical – for example how do you find out what assets the deceased had?

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Amending a will - before and after death

Most people are aware a will is quite a formal document and has to comply with certain requirements (with rare exceptions such as for active servicemen) to be valid.

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Intestacy - a change to who inherits what when you die?

The intestacy laws of England and Wales can differ significantly from those in other countries – for instance the starting point is that you can leave your estate to whoever you like, whereas in some countries you are obliged by law to leave certain things to certain people. Of course, if someone dies without a will then the law steps in over here, too.

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