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Why Use a Probate Solicitor?

Writing about dealing with death is a sensitive issue.

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Letters of Wishes

I mentioned in a previous post the significance of a letter of wishes.

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Lord Glenconner’s Will

The Daily Mail has an interesting story here about Lord Glenconner’s decision to leave all or part of his estate to one of his staff rather than his 83 year old widow or grandson.

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Death and Taxes Part 2

HM Revenue & Customs are spending money in trying to increase the amount of inheritance tax they are receiving each year. As usual, the emphasis does not appear to be on the really wealthy, many of whom have in place sophisticated schemes to eliminate or minimise the tax. Rather the target appears to be those estates where the main residence has, according to HMRC, been undervalued.

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What to Think About When a Relative Dies

Some people have the unfortunate experience of having to have to deal with a number of deaths over the years and, whilst the actual death is unlikely to get any easier to handle, the process of dealing with their estate probably will.

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