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Inevitable? Death and Tax

Lawyers are up there with estate agents and traffic wardens in terms of reputation but often, when you’re at your most vulnerable, they are the person who represents your interests. I suppose that’s why we have such a bad press: we’re only needed when things go wrong. Though, surgeons don’t have this problem.

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Having half an hour to spare before my train left, I indulged today in the two types of shopping that I genuinely enjoy: shopping for books or booze – even more so at the beginning of a long train journey. A mainline station is not the place to pick up bargains but there are few places in modern life where you get to sit down, claim there was no mobile signal and be too far away from something you should be doing to really relax. So I have no trouble heading straight to WH Smith (oh, okay, the wine shelf at M&S but the very next thing after that).

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Can I Remove a Solicitor Acting as Executor?

One of the problems people face when looking for a quality probate solicitor is that they can find that their hands are apparently tied, as the firm who drafted the deceased’s will has been appointed as an executor – or a bank or other institution. That leaves two problems: firstly the solicitor appointed executor may wish to insist their own firm handles the probate and secondly the bank appointed executor will charge to act as executor (and vice-versa).

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The Future of Legal Services?

There’s an interesting debate raging in the legal press and blawgosphere about the introduction of ‘Alternative Business Structures‘ (ABSs).

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If You Have to Ask, You Can’t Afford It

I was looking into a subscription for a well-known online information service recently and got frustrated by the lack of information. The first thing to come to my mind when I see this sort of thing is the old adage ‘if you have to ask you can’t afford it’.

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