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If You Have to Ask, You Can’t Afford It

I was looking into a subscription for a well-known online information service recently and got frustrated by the lack of information. The first thing to come to my mind when I see this sort of thing is the old adage ‘if you have to ask you can’t afford it’.

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How Long Does Probate Take?

Nearly every executor wants to know how long probate will take. The process shouldn’t take more than 2 or 3 months in most cases; but it can take much, much longer. One of the reasons for this is that there is a tendency for the process to become totally reactive. You need to get some information from, for example, a bank. The bank doesn’t answer, and then it is weeks before the solicitor realises that there has been no reply. That happens a few times, and the accumulated delay creates a great deal of frustration and irritation as far as his or her client is concerned.

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Sole Trader’s Executor

John ran a driving school operated as a sole trader. He had appointed his wife, Carol, his executor and empowered her in his will to run the business. An executor’s power derives from the will and is effective from death. There were some immediate problems with customers and suppliers of the business. Fortunately it was possible to resolve most of those problems even before probate had been obtained.

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The Wisdom of Solomon

Ernestine was trying to obtain probate of her husband’s will. He was called Jack and had a personalized number plate JAK 12. (We have changed names etc for confidentiality reasons). Her problem was that Jack had left various possessions to a mate, and everything else to her. And now she and the mate couldn’t agree on who got the plate – this sounds like good material for a poem, an old-fashioned rhyming sort! Legally the question turns on categories: is it an actual tangible thing, or does it fall into the definitions of intellectual property or a chose in action?

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Some People are Just Awkward

An example of eccentricity from across the pond. Rest assured: we’re used to dealing with probates more quickly.

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