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Unknown Unknowns - How Do You Find Out What Bank Accounts the Deceased Had?

One issue which executors face is tracing what exactly is included in the estate – Age UK have produced a leaflet which is helpful for anyone wondering whether there are other accounts out there, useful even for those of us still around (click here).

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Family Conflict After a Death

Avoid the worst by appointing a professional solicitor:

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How Does an Executor Deal With a Fugitive Beneficiary?

Duties of an executor. What about a fugitive beneficiary?

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Excessive Probate Fees

A colleague has just shown me a 2008 posting about probate fees:

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Probate American Style

American lawyers are very business minded and innovative. I thought I would investigate how they approached probate services. The answer was surprising. American lawyers generally advise their clients to avoid probate if they can. Probate procedures vary according to the laws of individual States.

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