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Digital Wills Again

Digital Wills

I mentioned a blog last year that the Law Commission were looking into this subject but owing to the current paralysis in the governance of Britain I am not expecting to see any result soon. Meanwhile, other foreign jurisdictions are way ahead in trying to deal with the inevitable arrival in the not too distant future of the digital will.

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More on Funerals and Funeral Plans

Planning for Funeral

Regular readers will know that I am not a great fan of funeral plans. Paying for a funeral is something which the estate should naturally pay for and the conversation ought to start before the big event. I can remember my father telling me quite some time before he died that, although his will stipulated burial, he changed his mind and wanted to be cremated and he told me the kind of service he would like. No problem, no funeral plan. There is also the risk that funeral plans can become an industry for financial extraction and it is good to see that the Government is pressing ahead with its investigation. The Government has also announced recently an investigation into the provision of services by funeral directors and the owners of crematoria. I recently saw on the web a few good tips about what you should consider in relation to funeral services.

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Bank of Mum and Dad – Possible Probate Implications

daughter sitting between her mum and dad

Owing to the state of the economy and the nature of our housing market, loans and gifts from parents to children are becoming increasingly common. Although the temptation is to be completely informal in making these arrangements, it might be worth considering how they should be recorded and documented. HMRC look closely at estates where inheritance tax is significant. Executors will appreciate a clear record of relevant loans and gifts and the terms on which they were made.

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Hike in Probate Fees April 2019

close up gavel

April – otherwise known as the start of a new financial year and much of this year has seen the House of Commons preoccupied with addressing endless issues that already surround Brexit, a time which will see probate fees surge sooner rather than later according to many lawyers.

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The Destruction of the Probate Service?

last will

This rather provocative headline was on top of a recently issued press release from the Public and Commercial Services Union. Their staff are worried about major changes ahead in the probate service. It seems that the Justice Department have in mind replacing local probate offices which can actually deal with enquiries from the public and others with regional call centres which will endeavour to provide the answers. They are known as Courts and Tribunals Service Centres or CTSCs. I do not know whether there will be one near you but, presumably, the actual location does not matter to the architects of this plan.

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