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Having half an hour to spare before my train left, I indulged today in the two types of shopping that I genuinely enjoy: shopping for books or booze – even more so at the beginning of a long train journey. A mainline station is not the place to pick up bargains but there are few places in modern life where you get to sit down, claim there was no mobile signal and be too far away from something you should be doing to really relax. So I have no trouble heading straight to WH Smith (oh, okay, the wine shelf at M&S but the very next thing after that).

This time the title that caught my eye was The Wilt Inheritance by Tom Sharpe. The back cover has various quotes, mostly involving farce. This is the Mail on Sunday’s take on the book:

…He is the great post-Waugh humorist, the Wodehouse who dares plunge into the bottomless pit of vulgarity and hysteria of our times, and a rattling good companion on a train journey.

What more could I want?

The Guardian can’t resist being a little more restrained:

The pleasure of reading Tom Sharpe lies in his cheerful penchant for anachronism and whimsy.

I haven’t got far enough in to find out if the book’s going to live up to its billing but it starts well enough. The second of my purchases today (oh, okay, the first) has captured my attention.

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