I can recommend an excellent site if you are having to think about a funeral - either your own, or that of a friend or family member and the responsibity has fallen on you. It's Comparethecoffin.com and the guiding genius behind it is Steven Mitchell. His aim is to help people make funeral plans for themselves or their loved ones, at their own pace and time and in the comfort and convenience of their own home - hopefully with their family and friends around them.

Like us here at probaters.com his starting point is to find out what the potential client wants, and then to deliver the service to her or him effectively and with excellent value. Recent market research commissioned by the government http://www.legalservicesboard.org.uk/news_publications/latest_news/pdf/yougov_research.pdf showed that when it came to probate services people wanted fairness, clear pricing and also the ability to have a face to face meeting if reassurance was needed. These are basic points, but many big players in the probate market cannot offer them.

Use the net carefully and you will find sites like Steve's and ours where service and friendliness still count.