You have probably seen that TV advert about a company called something like The theme of the advert is a chap who wants to sell his car, playing with his daughter, and musing upon the quality time he now has after he decided to use the company to sell his car. Ok, he may not have made so much money but the few pounds he may have lost are more than compensated by the time he has to spend on more important things. A similar point could be made about the increasing emphasis on DIY probate. You can certainly save yourself some money but you may end up spending many hours which will be lost forever.

If you use a professional outfit like Probaters you will know that the work is going to be done with efficiency and thoroughness. Important points will not be missed. You will have, at the end, estate accounts which can be approved by all the beneficiaries without you being taken to task and it will not have cost the estate a fortune, as the fee will have been reasonable and agreed in advance. Worth thinking about.

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