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Full Estate Administration Service

Affordable probate support

Our Full Administration Service includes start to finish administration of the estate.

It is especially appropriate where:

  • you are not familiar with the probate process or the estate
  • you do not have the time to devote to administering the assets
  • the value of the estate is over £300,000
  • you are concerned about beneficiaries questioning your activities as executor

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The cost of our Full Administration Service for a typical estate is £3750, including VAT but not the Probate Registry’s fee.

It includes:

  • Advising on the terms of the will
  • Collecting together the relevant information about the number and location of assets and debts
  • Advising you on the notices you can advertise in order to reduce your potential liability as executor/administrator
  • Identifying the correct figures and arranging valuations for inheritance tax purposes
  • Completing and submitting the inheritance tax return to HMRC. If necessary, advising on taking out an executor’s loan to cover the tax
  • Dealing with HMRC in relation to any income tax or capital gains tax liability for years prior to the death and dealing with any tax liabilities that may arise during the administration
  • Dealing with the Department for Work and Pensions to ensure any benefits or pensions are stopped and handle any repayments
  • Liaising with utility companies in order to obtain a final account up to the date of death and where services need to be maintained, guiding the executors on their options
  • Guiding the executors on the need to maintain adequate insurance cover on the deceased’s assets during the period of administration
  • Obtaining the grant of probate/letters of administration
  • Arranging for legal notices to be advertised, if requested by the executors/administrators
  • Sending copies of the grant of probate/letters of administration to banks, building societies and other institutions holding money in order to obtain access to the deceased’s assets
  • collecting in assets and liquidating where necessary and discharging the liabilities
  • making interim distributions where appropriate
  • preparing estate accounts and distributing the estate

* There are some estates where the fee for this service may be more. These include estates:

  • Valued at over £600,000
  • With significant assets located abroad
  • Which include business asset
  • Which include farms
  • With more than 10 separate holdings of shares or similar assets
  • With actual or some potential claims against it or some other unusual circumstances

Get a Full Estate Administration Service

If the estate you are handling falls within one of these exceptions, we will still be able to provide you with a fixed cost quote, in writing. Our team of probate lawyers and accountants offer a friendly, efficient and comprehensive service. We take care of every detail, saving you stress and giving you time when you need it most. Call us to speak to a lawyer today on 0845 034 7344 or contact us via our online contact form.

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  • Responded very quickly to any questions and acted promptly to any requests. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family.
    Caroline C, Brighton
  • Many thanks for all your help, your service has been a great help to my Uncle at a very stressful time.
    Wendy B, Hertfordshire
  • Gave up to date notifications of progress and clear explanations for each stage of the procedure. A very personalised relationship between Probaters and myself.
    Brian S, Kent
  • Excellent service from beginning to end.
    Susan W, Somerset
  • Thank you for all your help in dealing with the estate of my Father and Step Mother, I couldn’t believe the amount of work you had to do to finalise everything and I’m extremely grateful.
    Susan C, East Sussex
  • I would recommend the service to anybody.
    Douglas P, Hertfordshire
  • I know there was a delay in arranging my Mother’s funeral. Nevertheless, I was amazed (and pleased) that you obtained probate on the same day.
    Joanne H, Essex
  • You dealt with the estate of my father and were always conscientious and efficient, and very good value…
    John Masters, Eastbourne
  • Thank you for all your help and for making things go so smoothly, I will certainly use you in the future.
    Rachel Eustace, Surrey
  • The estate was fairly complex, and you handled everything quickly and effectively. Thank you for all your help.
    Robert Lee, London W1
  • Thank you both so much for all your help and hard work. We are really grateful for your guidance, advice and expertise. You have both helped us enormously, at a time when we could not have appreciated it more.
    Sara K